Movement is life, especially when you are
in quarantine or in self-isolation.



Twentieth century brought us modern benefits of civilization: car, airplane, computer, Internet, and for this we pay with a list of serious and dangerous diseases associated with sedentary lifestyle - obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, musculoskeletal diseases apparatus, spinal disease, risk of sudden death.
When we sit, the spine experiences loads that are significantly higher than when we lie down, stand or walk.
Now to this list of threats to human health, coronavirus has been added. The coronavirus pandemic forced about 3 billion to quarantine or self-isolate. WHO declares that prolonged stay in a confined space, in a sedentary passive sitting, in the absence of minimal physical activity, causes additional stress, threatens mental and physical health of a human.

What can help us in this extreme situation?

The latest invention, Chairider™, will help you not only maintain the level of physical activity, but also perform a number of exercises that improve health, reduce the negative effects of prolonged exposure to quarantine or self-isolation, to maintain your physical and mental health.


Life is a continuous motion even when you are sitting.

Chairider™ is a portable device based on the principle of active sitting. Chairider™ is installed on any (not soft) chair. While sitting in a Chairider™, you are forced to make small balancing movements of the pelvis to maintain balance. In this case, the spinal muscles are automatically included in the work, ensuring a strictly vertical position of our body. The whole process of such active sitting is controlled by the vestibular apparatus, and occurs reflexively, unnoticeable to yourself and those around you.

I believe that the original design underlying the Chairider™ is the best innovation in seat technology since the invention of the chair. It is simple and at the same time practical. It has the potential to improve both muscle function and circulation, as well as improve posture in prolonged use.
The Chairider™ seat provides a much-needed solution for the work associated with the seat. A patented swivel seat with a cushion easily allows you to do stretch marks and exercises for the main muscle groups (e.g. buttocks, lumbar, spine, etc.). The Chairider™ design is easily used anywhere (in the house, in the office, on the road, on a journey).

Dr. Steven Matlis, BSc., M.D., CCFP, Primary Care and Sports Medicine Physician

I constantly had a swollen back, someone recommended to try this new chair, Chairider™. After several months of sitting, I can tell this is the solution to the problems I had when sitting at the computer for an extended period. After a long working day, I feel much better, although I’m not sitting down less! A well-thought-out product.

Henry, Business Owner, Toronto

For a long time, I was engaged with professional sports and later had to switch to office type work. I’m sitting for an extended period and as a result I have a big problem with my spine and back. It's been 3 months since I started using Chairider™, now I'm able to sit at the desk in the office all day – it literally saved me.


I am 79 years old, I have long been retired and I have successfully used an active seat. After the first test, I realized the advantages of Chairider™ – I’m free to use it anywhere. I used it at the hotel. Now I'm on vacation and of course it’s with me. An excellent solution to my health problems – THANK YOU.


For many years, I worked as a product designer. Sedentary work led me to professional problems: back pain, spasm in the neck and fatigue at the end of the day. Now I work as a freelancer from home, but the problems have not gone away. Periodic seating on the fitball brought me short-term relief. Now I have been using the Chairider™ for 1.5 months and felt a significant improvement in my state of health. I got use to Chairider™ very quickly and easily, and can sit in it without any pain. My mood is excellent. Thank you so much.


For 15 years, I worked as a truck driver. I improved my material and financial position but constantly suffered from back pain. I started thinking about changing my profession. When I found out about Chairider™, I was skeptical that it can help but still decided to try. Now, when I go on the road, I think about how quickly I am going to come back home so I can sit in the Chairider™. Why wasn’t Chairider™ invented before?


I prepare personal income taxes. I’ve been offered to try and express my opinion on Chairider™. When I was first shown how it works, I immediately remembered my young years when I was in college and took belly dancing classes. One of the movements that you can do while sitting in a Chairider™ (360-degree rotation), is one of the main moves in belly dancing. I liked the movement of this seat so much that I already "danced sitting on a chair" every day for 3 months in the Chairider™. It was surprising to me that I lost 3.5kg. I am very impressed with the result but the question arose: "Is my weight loss related to the fact that I use Chairider™ or is this a coincidence?"

Comment on Chairider™

Answer: Belly dance is known as exotic Oriental dance. However, recent studies of scientists have discovered new significant and positive effect on women’s health, including weight loss

Hi there. Like many workers, with the advent of coronavirus, I switched to distant work from home. In the office, I worked sitting on a gym ball. However, at home I didn’t succeed in sitting on it: my desktop wasn’t suitable for such a ball, but the main thing was that my little son decided that the ball was his toy, which was taken from him. In search of an alternative, I found your simulator. I quickly got used to it, and now I want to take it with me as soon as I get back to the office.

Helen S., Designer

Hi, Max! My name is Angela. I am the owner of a fitness center. Six months ago, I acquired your Chairder™, but only when we closed the business due to a pandemic and I had to sit down for self-isolation, I was able to fully check and evaluate the beneficial properties. I can say, as a specialist, Chairder™ is a multi-functional simulator that seems to have been created specifically for the adoption in extreme conditions of quarantine or self-isolation. I will look forward to re-opening my fitness center to install Chairider™ next to our other sports equipment.


Hi guys! I enjoy sitting on Chairider™. I admire the originality and simplicity inherent in your invention. As an expert, among the many advantages of Chairider™, I see its features as a simulator, an analogue of the famous Kegel exercises.

C. N. Urologist Europe


Chairider™ allows two modes of use:

- Active sitting mode, when you just sit at the computer, relaxing by the TV, working at the table. Your body makes small balancing movements that are invisible to you and others, while you reduce posture, strengthen the spine, reduce the load on the inter-vertebral discs, relieve postural stress, and reduce weight.

- An active training mode when you move your pelvis forward and backward or left and right. These exercises are similar to therapeutic riding, special exercises to train your spinal muscles (swimming, gymnastics, jumping, etc.)

Pelvic rotations are exercises unique to male and female health. Stimulate blood circulation in the pelvic organs, prevent the formation of fat cells, contribute to the production of hormones of happiness (dopamine)


With Chairider™ you can perform both light and heavy exercises (including athletic)
Easy and safe method of rehabilitation for any age and health condition
Easy and quick switching from passive seating mode to active sitting


30 day money back guarantee with every Chairider purchase.

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Working on Chairider™, we used the latest achievements in medicine, ergonomics, biomechanics, physiology and taking into account the opinions of scientists, doctors, chiropractors and users.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time with your inquiry
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